Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 4th is fun!

Hey, hey there!

Thought I'd drop in and chit chat a bit about my holiday weekend. I wish every weekend was like the last. I had a lot of fun.

I got home a little early on Thursday afternoon and was excited that Hal had bought a Death Cab for Cutie cd and Kings of Leon. Yeah, they've been around a while and we are behind the curve, but I love both groups. Nice start, but we also went to a dinner gathering with some friends in our neighborhood that evening. We had a great time with food, drinks and friends.

Friday was a fun day to sleep late and bum around out to a late lunch. Realizing that the weather was perfect and Hal's parents were out of town, we capitalized on the opportunity to borrow their Mercedes convertible. Such a great idea! Naturally, we drove around for a while. We even hit up the bowling alley. I bowled what may have been my best game ever, a 136! That's awesome for me, y'all. A great dinner at home capped off the evening.

Saturday was a brand new opportunity. With his sister also out of town, we took over her house and pool (right up the street from us, convenience, yay!) and had some friends over to have some Fourth of July fun. The day was great weather for swimming. Luckily, the rain downpour held off until just in time for dinner on the screened-in porch. It was a bit of a shock to learn that Steve McNair (to fill in most of you reading this, the NFL quarterback who led the Titans to the Super Bowl a few years ago) was found murdered in an apparent murder-suicide by his 'mistress.' I'm super sad that 4 young boys are going to grow up without a father. Steve was a big deal in Nashville.

Sunday brought the dread that the convertible had to be returned. Boo. And we couldn't bum around leisurely for the new few days. Boo hoo. Oh well, I'm still thrilled to be employed in a job I enjoy.

I'll wrap this up here, but can't not say how touched I was on Tuesday seeing the clip of Michael Jackson's daughter speaking at his memorial. It's easy to forget that his kids lost something so much more than just the icon we mostly only saw on tv. Very sad to lose a parent at any age.

I'll change the tone here and leave you thinking about happy things--whatever makes you happy. Enjoying life makes me happy. I'm so glad I get to do that every day.

Enough rambling. Later!