Monday, June 22, 2009

Another weekend down

Well, it's Monday again. The good thing is that we are that much closer to Friday.

I hope you had a fun weekend. I did!

We kinda chilled out mostly on Friday. We walked down the street for dinner at The Local Taco. I'd link to their website, but they just opened in May and apparently haven't updated their site. They do have some interesting taco selections (Korean BBQ for one--which is really good) and you can't beat the convenience.

On Saturday, we headed out for lunch at Five Guys. I know it's a burger chain in most cities, but that shiz is delicious, and I'm not scared to admit it. Since I'm already doing sailor talk, I'll just say that summer has definitely arrived. It's flicking hot as hades. The temp was around 95 on Saturday. I hate to say we skipped the Gay Pride festival downtown b/c there's really not much shade unless you are under a vendor's tent. After lunch, we did stop by Centennial Park to check out the American Artisan Festival. I was hoping we would find something cool to put in the house that was unique, but alas, we left empty handed. I'm a freak about stained glass stuff and could buy out an entire booth of that, but I resisted. We need to be focused on bigger art pieces than little accent things.

Sunday was another day of fun. We relaxed for a few hours before meetings Hal's parents and sister for a Father's Day dinner at Finezza. To cap off the fun evening, we joined Hal's sister to see "The Hangover." I'd been anxious to see it and was not disappointed at all. Very funny movie in my opinion.

Nothing much planned this week. I am gearing up for a holiday weekend though. We both have July 3rd off, and even though we dont have specific plans for that either, I'm READY already!

In case I don't update until then, fireworks and sparkler fun wishes to all of you!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Time

So, I'm still not posting as frequently as I once did, but here I am again.

I don't have a ton of interesting things to blog about, but I'll do it.

I was so happy for the weekend to roll around last week. Hell, I'm happy for any weekend. It's not that I don't enjoy having a job, I just love my personal weekend time.

We had a mostly low-key weekend and stayed in on Friday night (a few drinks were enjoyed of course). We headed to Green Hills Mall on Saturday. We never really got around to getting anything for our walls since we moved in--a freaking year ago. We still need to paint walls also, but that's a different story. One reason we aren't so quick to decorate is because it's hard for us to just settle on something, and we probably don't focus on it enough. At any rate, we ran across some artwork we liked. It's still sitting on the floor unhung (yep, I went there), but I love it. They are the same print, but reverse colors--one is heavy red with white, the other is heavy white with red. We'll get around to putting them up on our own time--probably when we have someone over next. That seems to be our motivation.

We did get some new porch furniture this weekend too. I bought a wicker chair on craigslist last year that I loved, but it isn't made for the outdoors, and even after a winter inside, it just couldnt stay outside. I'm happy to say we now have matching outdoor approved wicker chairs with adorable cushions. I think we sat out there for hours on Sunday night before we came in to watch the Tony's (without commercials of course, thanks DVR!) Hal's not a big fan, but I am, and that means a lot around here :) He hasn't accepted it yet, but he IS going to go with me to see Melissa Gilbert in the broadway production of Little House on the Prairie this year. How can you NOT be interested?

That's about it for now. Is it the weekend yet???