Monday, October 29, 2007

Possible bloggin' break...

Alright, y'all... I might not be bloggin regularly for a week or so... We leave on Thursday for Buenos Aires...

I'm taking my laptop but can't promise that I'll have the time to blog. I might surprise you though, so check in from time to time.

and please... "Don't cry for me, (while I'm in) Argentina!"

Until next time... :)

What a weekend!

Ahh... another fun weekend has come & gone already. It was quite a busy one too.

We went to a wine party on Friday night... this is a regular event every month or so with a group of people at someone's house. There's typically a specific varietal, but this time the focus was on a region... and it just so happened to be ... Wines from Argentina!!! How timely for Hal & I, right? The funny thing is that it wasnt planned that way for us. Just good timing... and a great time was had by all... I always look forward to these parties... even if I am the DD...which I wasnt this time... phew :)

On Saturday night, we had a redneck themed party to attend. We went to a couple of thrift stores to find a 'gittup.' It's a little overwhelming going to some of these thrift stores... We both found silly jackets & t-shirts...but no Wranglers, Rustlers or the sort.

We took the camera, but the pictures didnt turn out very well... someone who's name begins with an H had the cam on the wrong setting. oopsie.

The party was a ton of fun though... there were a lot of hilarious 'gittups.' Check out fellow party attendee & blogger Nathan's blog for a photo... I apparently wasnt around for the one that is posted so far... but it sounds like he'll post more later.

To wrap it up, we watched the Titans game on Sunday... they sloppily won, but we'll take it.

BTW... an update on the football contest between Hal & me... Out of eight weeks so far, I've won 7 times... S-E-V-E-N out of E-I-G-H-T!!!. I only need to win 2 more of the next 8 games... I'm already tasting victory, y'all. Do you feel it too???

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A bit of funny for you...

I love a good hockey fight... but in real life, I steer away from confrontation & violence as a rule.

Some old man kinda challenged that today. I was leaving a lunch spot and admittedly was standing in front of one of the doors putting up my umbrella (couldnt have taken longer than 5 seconds)... I was unaware there was anyone else around but suddenly... I hear a gruff... "excuse me!"... it was an older gent... maybe 60 or so... and I immediately moved out of the way & he then said... "I'm standing in the rain!"... well, at this point, he was actually entering the vestibule & his really hateful tone struck a nerve... so a split second decision led me to tell him to "Shut Up!"...

Now, this "Shut Up" wasnt quite as girly/shrieky as the snap with the man who pulled in my driveway once & called me a 'little fag'... I was actually a bit butch... anyway... I said my peace & kept walking as the door was closing.. he said... "Go to Hell!"... I was already on my way out so just kept walking... didnt really care... but i'll be a monkey's uncle if a few seconds later... I didnt hear some other mumbling & the word shit... either he was calling me a piece of poop or saying he was tired of this poo-poo or something... old man was coming after me!!!

Well, I guess it wasnt meant to be for me to get in a brawl in a parking lot during a rain storm... by the time I turned to look at him to hear this garbage... he started walking back in the door... I guess he wasnt in the mood to be "standing in the rain" anymore either....

Only in Brentwood folks... only in Brentwood...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Much ado about... nothing much really

Ok... I've been a bad blogger the past week or so... and I dont have much to much to add now.

I finally started my new job/position last week. Doesnt it seem like it's been years since I said I accepted the job? (factoid... it was over 3 months from acceptance to starting... love red tape!)... I've got several weeks of observing other people doing what I will eventually be doing... I'm starting to get excited about it at this point.

BUT, what I'm getting even more excited about is V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!! We leave for Buenos Aires, Argentina on 11/01--next Thursday. We had some last minute shopping to do this past weekend... boring, necessary things... passport hider/holders, voltage adapters, etc. The list is pretty much complete... just gotta wait for the date of departure to roll around.

So... I dont have much to blog about the rest of the work-week... this coming weekend is going to be fun... we have a wine party to attend on Friday night... and a redneck party on Saturday night... I'm from East TN... so it's not so far out of my element anyway... ahh.... just like home :)

What a juxtaposition... wine party one night... redneck party the next... I'll try to get a picture from the redneck party for the blog... for my peeps.

Until next time.... Freebird, y'all.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


The devoted readers of this blog know that I am a bit of a Predators nut. The ownership situation this week has taken an even crazier turn, but that's something I cant control.

We did have an awesome opportunity to sit in a Suite at the game last night though! Aside from losing, it was a lot of fun. I wish I could always sit in a suite!

After the game, we walked over to a friends condo for drinks.

I've been interested in this condo building for years... I am attracted to a downtown lifestyle... but dont work there, so it isnt the most ideal situation for me at this point, but... the building was amazing. We went to the common room at the top of the building & the views were fantastic... plus they have a rooftop pool... back at the condo...which had a huge terrace & the same beautiful views, the wine was devine.

A great time was had by all.

P.S ... My blog post title has a question mark...and thats exactly what our NHL team's situation is at this point. Someone please make it no longer be a ? I'm going crazy.

Rock on, Oktoberfest!

Saturday was the Oktoberfest festival in Nashville. It's actually held in a downtown neighborhood that initially housed German workers at a now defunct meat-packing plant.

We met up with some friends & enjoyed one of my favorite things... mmmmmmm.... beer... It's Oktoberfest for crying out loud... and I can drink beer at noon if I want to!

We had a ton of fun... I had my camera but wasnt a good cameraman. I only snapped two photos. Unfortunately I didnt get one of the entire group. It was a tad bit hot & there were a lot of people... so there ya go.

After the festival, we went to a friend/fellow festival attendee's house for a post-fest cocktail...
I now have a couple of Oktoberfest goals...

1) Attend a festival in Germany

2) Take part in the largest American Oktoberfest Celebration in Cincinatti...

and by the way... I might even start drinking before noon.
P.S.. the pic was pretty spontaneous. It's some random people who definitely get into the festival, my friend Casey (cool name, huh?) & me.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thanks, Chris

I found it funny to hear that people in Denver riot during the Columbus Day Parade.... why does a landlocked city/state have a Chris Columbus Day celebration anyway?

He didnt discover America... but he gave me a Monday off cheers.

It's been a few days since I blogged...and I've been a tad busy.

Friday night, we went to a restaurant that is kind of odd... Nola's... it's a bit Cajun cuisine but the chef/owner is from Uruguay.... so we thought we'd order authentic food from South America.... I was unimpressed.... I'll judge this later after I've actually been to South America.

On Saturday, we went to Centennial Park for a festival... 'Celebration of Cultures'.... It was very interesting...exhibits from different people with different customs.... we ate some Columbian food that was delicious...

On to Saturday night.... it was another hockey night... fun fun.... The Predator's won again... and I was quite excited.. We ran into a group of friends after the game... had a little fun downtown and then came home for a long winter's nap.

I admit I was feeling a bit rough on Sunday... but got up to watch the Titans game with some friends... sloppy game.... but the TN Titans won... yay!!!

I've got Monday off... thank you Chris Columbus... but I do have to go to the dentist... could be worse though!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Let's get it started....

I've been waiting for this day for over 5 months. Can you believe it's been that long???

The Predators kicked off their season tonight at home!!! I'm not even going to lie... it's been a crazy summer for such a crazy fan. The team ownership issue still remains unresolved & has been even crazier this week.... but that part is something I cant control.

I can control going to the games though! Fortunately, we got Hal's company tix tonight... awesome seats and we are familiar with several of the 'seat neighbors' from previous seasons.

The experience was soooooooo much better than I anticipated. First off, the new $3.5 million scoreboard is extraordinary... a comparison with the previous one is ... a 32'' tube tv compared to a 70" Plasma.... AMAZING!!!

Most important though... The Predators won 4-0 in a defeat against the Colorado Avalanche....

Yep... a shutout bitches! Keep them coming, Mason....