Monday, February 23, 2009

Yay, Slumdog!

Hola. Checking in with ya again.

Hope you had a fab weekend. I did and of course it goes by so quickly.

We had dinner at home on Friday night and just chilled. After some landlord chores at Hal's duplex on Saturday, we headed to a late lunch and realized that we hadnt seen any of the Oscar nominated films. So, we changed that. I was torn between Milk and Slumdog Millionaire. After checking the showtimes, it was an easy decision considering Milk wasnt being shown at the only theater I can think of for that type of movie.

We got there about 15 minutes before showtime, but it was still hard to find 2 seats. A fun random thing was that we ended up sitting only 2 seats away from some friends.
The movie was awesome and it deserved to win some Oscars. I obviously cant compare it to the other nominees in each category, but you should check it out if you havent already. I loved the flashback storytelling aspect. I really loved the ending but wont spoil it for those who havent seen it.

I'll wrap this up with something that excites very few of you except me... we came home & caught a Preds game on TV... and we won in overtime. Every win is crucial at this point. I was a little ticked that neither of us won a trip to see the Preds on the road in Chicago but C'est la vie!!!

Hope you have a great week. There are 3 Preds games. Not sure I'm going to any but send positive thoughts their way.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Prez's Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying your President's Day holiday--assuming you have the day off. Kind of a nonsensical holiday in my opinion, but I used to enjoy a paid day off anyway.

I also hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day! Hal & I arent usually into getting caught up in the mania of commercial holidays and this year was no exception. We dont care about cards or gifts and lovey dovey patrons at restaurants, so we stayed home all day. We had a friend come over to play cards that night and that's the extent. Note to my card playing friend, I dont take losing lightly and will make sure that doesnt happen again.

I mentioned in my last blog that we had some hockey games last week. They were exciting. We lost to Detroit pretty badly--BOO, Red Wings. We went back on Thursday for Hal's bday and saw one of the most exciting games so far this year. The Preds tied up the game with only 3 seconds left and won the game in an overtime/shoot-out. Woo Hoo. We didnt go Saturday night, but they again won in a shoot-out against the best team in the league. Let's hope they win again tonight. We are really close to edging into the last spot to make it into the playoffs. I'm excited to go tonight!!!

I've bored all the non-hockey fans (most of the people who read this blog), so I'll wrap this up.

Have a good week!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Hey, y'all! It's been a few weeks since I've checked in on here!

Still no major breaking news to report, but I wanted to say hi so you guys & gals dont think I've totally forgot about blogging.

I'm happy to be on my porch right now enjoying the beautiful weather. We've had plenty of cold days recently, but it's 60 right now and will be for the next week or so. It's even going to be around 70 on Sunday... woo hoo... It gets me in the spring mindset. The birds are even out & about hootin' & hollerin.'

Still nothing to announce on the job front. I hope that changes soon. I've had a couple of opportunities over the past couple of weeks, so that's definitely promising after over 6 months of not a lot of anything happening. For the record, I'd never want to be a stay at home gets old. It's always nice to be around other people during the day (in my opinion at least).

We have been going to some hockey games recently and have two upcoming games next week. The Predators are battling for a basement spot to be eligible for the playoffs (the regular season ends in April). They just need to keep winning games. Next week, we are going to seem them play Detroit (a big rival for any team) and we are going to a game on Hal's birthday (next Thursday). I wont publicly tell how much closer he is getting to retirement.

Aside from the weather, I'm looking forward to this weekend. We're going to hang out somewhere tomorrow to celebrate (read drink) a friends birthday. Always fun!

I could keep rambling on in the post, but it would just be about the people and dogs walking by on the street, so I'll wrap this up.

Hope you are all doing well!!