Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Further rambling

Well... I've been a lazy blogger the last week, but nothing too exciting to report--which is ok by me sometimes.

The weekend was fun as usual. We housesat/played with a cat & dog on Friday night for Hal's parents. Their house is out past Bellevue which I consider another country. They live on a very private lot and it was really nice to be out there enjoying a cocktail on the porch without hearing traffic, trains or helicopters. I'll keep my place in the city though. Once every couple of months is enough.

I am back to swimming again this week!! I was on a great kick last year for several months and lost 20 lbs. I slacked off during Thanksgiving/Christmas... then we've been spending most nights and weekends working on the other duplex. No excuses any longer though.

Monday about killed me. Typically, the swimming lanes are the width of the pool. I have a 45 minute routine all worked out for that. Yesterday--for the first time I've seen this in over a year---the lanes went the entire length of the pool. They usually have a diving team at one end. This isnt a backyard pool...it's a competition, Olympic size pool. Talk about a struggle, especially on your first day back in a couple of months. It sucked to be half way down the pool and see how far I still had to go. I lasted 30 minutes.... but life was much better today... no long course lanes and I got back to my other routine.

I'm really ready for the weekend! We have a huge hockey game against Detroit on Thursday... and another on Saturday against Dallas.

Hopefully my next blog will find the Predators leading the NHL!!! Stay tuned.

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