Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen...

Ok... the title of this post is a random thought (thanks, Dolly) that comes to my mind in the mornings quite often.

I have to admit I'm stretching for things to blog about today... but here goes.

I had a fun week and weekend again. Last Tuesday night was a lot of fun. Hal and I went out to dinner with friends for a good cause. Each year in several cities, they have a "Dine Out for Life" event. Participating restaurants donate a % of their proceeds to a local HIV/AIDS charity. We chose a good restaurant (Germantown Cafe) that actually donates 100% of their food sales. Hal & I have been to the same place the past few years and it's become our tradition. Good food... fun with friends...and wine...plus charity= good times!

We did our usual on the weekend... go out to eat on Friday night and stay up late hanging out... Saturday was a shopping day since there was no sales tax on clothes or shoes in TN... I got a new pair of Saucony shoes that rock... and a cool rock-star type shirt at Smack. If you live in Nashville and havent shopped there... you need to go... the clothes are fun despite the sometimes less than desirable service. Unfortunately, most trendy stores in Nashville have similar service, so pick your poison I guess.

Sunday... ahhh... relaxing mostly. Hal's sister was out of town...so we took advantage of the opportunity to hang out at her house. She has a great, private back yard with a pool. We just read magazines (ok, I did... Hal is still busy refreshing on his Spanish) and enjoyed being outside. The pool was too cold, but it was still fun.

Now it's back to another work week... The upcoming weekend brings Cinco de Mayo... which I have no real cause to celebrate...other than just a chance to drink margaritas!


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Dusty said...

Pour myself a cup of ambition and yawn adn stretch adn try to come to life...