Monday, May 7, 2007

My own restaurant...

Hal and I had dinner at a "new to us" restaurant last Thursday. They dont advertise, so we picked up on it from a few internet references. It's downtown in Printer's Alley...yeah, that sounds shady, BUT... WOW!!!

Parco Cafe was sooo good... even though it's not really a the name is a little inappropriate. We called ahead as we read that reservations are preferred. The co-owner, Ms. Fu... said to come on down...

Well, when we got there at 7:30, we were the only guests. Talk about personal attention, huh? Their menu is heavy on seafood dishes. We had a bottle of wine to start off and she answered our questions about the menu. Her husband (who we did not see) is the chef. They make everything fresh when ordered...sauces, dont go there if you are in a hurry.

I settled on grouper with a champagne & butter sauce. It was so delicious. Hal had a seafood mix (shrimp, lobster and other stuff) in a white curry sauce with strawberries. According to Ms. Fu, white curry is a rare thing in most restaurants b/c it is hard to prepare/cook. He loved it.

Another table of 4 came in while we were waiting for our entree's, so we lost the feeling of having the restaurant to ourselves, but it was still great. I'll confess I'm a picky eater having grown up on typical southern food, but we had a side dish that was to die for... it was a bok choy and mushroom salad with an amazing ginger/sesame sauce (and I'm sure other things).

We then decided to try a dessert (and a second bottle of wine) Mr. Fu is a well trained pastry chef. We had a strawberry & banana crepe that was delightful.

Bottom line... if you want a dinner in Nashville that is prepared fresh with individual attention, go to Parco... and let me we can go back with you! lol. We loved it.

It's not cheap...I'd say the average entree is a little over $20, but it's so worth it.

Let me know if you wanna go!!!


Joshua Middleton said...

I wanna go! I think I talked to you right before you guys went inside. Sounds delish!

Nathan said...

The Wife is gonna be pleased with this recommendation. Thanks for the write-up.