Monday, May 7, 2007

Yeah, I had Street Sense...

Friday night was fun for us, but mostly uneventful...

Saturday (Cinco de Mayo) was a a lot of fun though. We went to a party at Hal's sisters house. A couple of years ago, she was the top female fundraiser for the local Leukemia / Lymphoma charity. This year, she hosted an event for one of this years candidates. The candidate this year is Charmaine Hunt...she was on The Apprentice a few seasons back.

Anyway, there was a suggested donation to get in... and then they had a margarita machine, beer and Cinco de Mayo inspired food. There was a good crowd and it was a lot of fun. We mingled with some interesting people... one lady, who much to my surprise was a lesbian, was a drug/alcohol counselor... but she was enjoying the margaritas--responsibly of course with a DD.

We also talked again (we met them last year) with another lesbian couple who are interesting. One is a major Public Relations person for Vandy and the other is the General Manager of the local CBS affiliate. They are super sweet and offered us their tix for an upcoming Nashville Symphony event--and they have box seats!!! Of course, we said...Hell Yeah! we'd love to go.

Thats about all of the "known" gays we met...but we talked for quite a while with another couple (hetero's) who recently moved here from Chicago... and we have plans to go to dinner with them sometime soon.

On to home... we got home around 9ish... Hal was holding up well and went to his usual Saturday night poker... I however... had an appointment with the porcelain goddess after too many margaritas and beer... enough said.

Oh, crap... I almost forgot... we also watched the Kentucky Derby at the party. They passed around a hat where you gave $5 per horse and you drew a name out of a hat... If your horse won, you won the horses... was a $100 pot. Well, I only had a $20 bill, so I bought four horses. One of mine, Street Sense won!!!! He kinda came from behind at the end. It was so exciting. Obviously, I gave the money to Charmaine/the Charity.

How's this for great charity... 2 years ago, Hal's sister won after raising $13K...last year the winner had $45K!!! Wow... Charmaine is pretty close and there are still a couple of weeks to go.

Anyway, I am scared of horses (riding wise)..... I think they are pretty, but I dont get close to them. After the whole little betting thing & my (well, one of them) horse winning, I'm rooting for Street Sense to win the Triple Crown. a bit of karma...Hal went on to win $300 at poker that night... so how about that?

Hope your Cinco de Mayo was fun!!!

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Joshua Middleton said...

I love your blogs Gurl. What an exciting night you had on Saturday! I'm glad you found time for the Derby!!