Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Another step forward to BA...

It's official... we've now confirmed our flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina!!!

I've been monitoring different airlines & flights for a while... and had a particular departure in mind all along. Unfortunately, the lowest price I saw was around a month ago, but I thought the price wouldnt get too much higher b/c the flight wasnt really full...Apparently I didnt keep a close enough watch b/c that flight is almost full and was a bit more when I booked today... oopsie...but a lesson learned.

With that out of the way, I'm so glad to have our reservation. One option would've made us go through New York but having to get from JFK to LGA and I wasnt in the mood for that. Instead, we're going through Miami both ways.

The flight from Miami to BA will be 8 hours...which is longer than I've ever flown, but thankfully it's an overnight and I can put on my Blanche Deveraux sleeping shades and dream about South America on the way!

Less than 8 weeks to go... but who's counting, right? :)


Joshua Middleton said...

That's fantastic, Gurl! I thought you bought your tickets a long time ago! It would have been such a pain to fly to NYC. Congrats on your travel plans - you're almost there!

Dusty said...

You might have Dorothy's sleeping shades but we all know your a Blanche at heart. Floozie!

Casey said...

Ah, Dust... please reread that sentence... I'll forgive you this time :) I had it correct from the get-go.