Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Go Titans!

Yay! The Titans beat the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football! We watched the game with some friends & had a lot of fun... with a win & a great time. The Titans are 2-1... if you keep up with football, you'll know that this is their best start in about 4 years. Yay!!!

On a related note, I am winning the 'friendly' competition with Hal on who can better predict the outcome of games each week. I won the first week, he won the second... and I won again on Sunday. Please keep your fingers crossed that that trend continues. :)

1 comment:

Joshua Middleton said...

Yay Gurl. I'm glad your team is winning!

I have my fingers crossed that you'll beat Hal, but from his earlier post he still has some confidence he'll pull it through!!!

Let the best diva win (wink, wink - we know who that is!)