Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A little bit of Hedwig for a humpday treat...

We went to see 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' tonight. A local group, People's Branch Theatre, presented it at the Belcourt Theatre. It was really fun. I honestly havent seen the film version, but I thought the live performance was great. The local cast did a fantastic job as well.

I'm now anxious to see how the film compares.

Going to the Belcourt is always a fun experience. For those of you not in Nashville (and too lazy to click the link I provided above), it was originally built in 1925 as a silent theatre. They actually had the Grand Ole Opry there from 1934-36. It evolved and almost was torn down several years ago, but fortunately people stepped up to save this gem.

Now, they have a theatre for live performances as well as an additional film theatre. They play a lot of artsy movies & things chain theatres wont touch (Shortbus for example). It's always nice to know there's a place in Nashville you can go for things like that.

I dont have a graceful ending for this post... on the brightside, I am going to an amusement park in Cincinnati on Friday! I'm super excited & will blog about that later. Until then... ciao!


Joshua Middleton said...

Morning, Gurl! Sounds like a fun evening. You should definitely try to check out the movie, it will definitely be worth your time. I'd love to see Shortbus done in a theather - I can't imagine. Holla at ya Gurl!

Casey said...

Just for clarification... I saw the movie version of Shortbus at this theatre... I have no desire to see it performed live.

Joshua Middleton said...

hahaha! silly Whitney!