Saturday, September 29, 2007


I really dont understand people sometimes.

A news story I saw on Friday talked about a convenience store owner being killed in North Nashville. They flashed a picture of the victim & his wife. I recognized them. They opened a lunch spot in Brentwood (I Love Teriyaki!)... I went there often.... they sold out & I stopped going there... for the most part.... but...

I was so sad to see that he was killed senselessly... apparently, the killer didnt even take any money... he was mad about an earlier encounter. The victim was shot while reading his Bible (surveilance camera's proved this).

What in the world could a convenience store do to you to make you murder?

I'm really sad about this story. The victim & his wife were so sweet. They always knew me at the restaurant.

I wish everyone believed in Peace & Non-Violence.

Here's the news channel link

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Joshua Middleton said...

Wow, what a wake up call. That's an awful story, Gurl. I'm sorry it had to happen. I have the same wish about people. I just don't get why people have to hate and kill...