Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wino's on the River

Yesterday was a freakin beautiful day. We had San Francisco weather... it was fantastic.

It was a perfect day for an annual Nashville event, Wine on the River. It was our first time (hehe...we were virgins)... so here's the deal in a nutshell... it's around $50 for a ticket.. you get a wine glass as you walk in and there are 40 something different tents that give you a taste of their wine. It ran for 4 hours so there was ample time to sample a lot of wine & quite frankly... get your buzz on.

There was a group of 10 of us... and we had a lot of fun in a fantastic location. The event is held on a old pedestrian (it was originally built for cars, so it's big) bridge that has wonderful views of downtown Nashvegas. Factoid: It's one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world.

We took the camera & have a lot of fun pictures. Once I put them on a photo sharing site, I'll let you know.

When the event ended, we walked over to Sole Mio for dinner. It's a fantastic Italian restaurant. We needed some sustenance to counteract all the wine we had had... ok, ok... we drank more wine with dinner... Why not?

After dinner, we all went our seperate ways (in taxi's, no DUI's wanted)... I cant say it enough... great weather, good wine & fun friends. A perfect day.

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Joshua Middleton said...

Sounds fun, Gurl. I'm glad you guys are finally starting to cool down after weeks of 90+ weather. Holla at a diva when the pictures are up!