Friday, January 25, 2008

Election Season

Although I've vowed this isnt a political blog, I know most of the readers of this blog know my 'leanings.'

I've always thought undecided voters are ridiculous... but I've found myself being one of those people this cycle. I've been following the primary races of both parties since W was re-elected a few years ago, but I still cant make up my mind.

I dont really have a point to this post, other than to admit my hipocrisy. I'm an undecided voter...

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Joshua Middleton said...

I'll make it easy for ya - Hillary!

Gurl, she is the best candidate for the job as President of the U.S. She knows exactly what needs to be done, and more importantly how to do it. She has experience, she is motivated and she possesses a lot of clout in the world of politics. I really believe that she would be the very best choice for this job. Obama has great character and ambition - but he just isn't ready and it shows. Give Hillary a chance to make it great in 2008!

There's my schpill!

Love ya, Gurl!