Friday, January 25, 2008

TGI friggin F

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm so so so glad that the weekend is here. I was an instructor this week for a class of 12. They were a great group, but it's pretty exhausting at the end of the day... and especially come Friday evening.

It is exciting though getting to hear what the students do through the week while they are in Nashville. It's interesting hearing their thoughts on Music City.

I did stop by the wine store on my way home though for a special treat of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. I had Cloudy Bay several years ago, but it's pretty hard to come by around here. While I was shopping for wines to take to a wine party last week, I saw the Holy Grail of Cloudy Bay. I didnt buy it for the party (it's pretty expensive), but it has been on my mind all freaking week. I'm enjoying a glass as I type :)

I dont have a darn thing planned to do this weekend aside from sleep late & chill out. I hope you all have (or did have-- depending on when you read this) a great weekend!

I hope to return to a more regular blog posting schedule in the near future. Stick with me!!!

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Joshua Middleton said...

Hey, Gurl! It's good to see you back! I'll hold ya to that promise of a regular bloggy schedule! I still check everyday!

It sounds like we have ended our week on the same note - exhausted! This was my first week of class and my new schedule keeps me running all week long. I know I'll do better once I have a chance to get more adjusted but this week just about wore me OUT!

Have a great weekend, Gurl. Enjoy that wine and make it fine!

Love ya, Honey!