Friday, April 18, 2008

Celebration of Life

Today is that day. I still think about her on a daily basis, but as of today, it's been 18 years since my mother passed.

It really is true that time is a healer though. My mom was such a fun person & I was usually right under her heels as much as possible. Fortunately, I only have good memories of her. It still sucks sometimes though that I cant get her opinions about some things, but that's just part of life. Luckily, I have an awesome grandmother who is like a mother to me.

Tulips were one of her favorite flowers & it's so refreshing to walk out my front door this time of year & see my own tulips.

Her favorite drink was Coca-Cola... so I raise my glass of Coke to her today :)


Joshua Middleton said...

This is really sweet, Gurl. I know your mother must have been one incredible person. Someone like you doesn't come along everyday, and I know she had a huge hand in that. I'm glad that you have fond memories and you keep her alive in your thoughts everyday. I"m sure wherever she is she is thinking of you, sipping an ice cold coke and planting tulips in her big garden in the sky!

Love you Gurl.

dusty said...

It really doesn't seem like it should be 18 years! And, yes, thank God for your Mamaw.