Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Dont Feel Like Dancin'


I really dont feel like dancing... although I do have other things to do. (FYI: If you dont know the Scissor Sisters, it's ok if you dont get that intro).

It was announced today that Urban Outfitters is coming to Nashville.

I really like the store, but, here's the rub for me... I liked the fact I could go to Urban Outfitters when I was traveling in other cities & most people in Nashville werent going to be wearing what I was wearing.

The real rub that makes me more crazy... they are going in a live music venue-hall where I saw the Scissor Sisters for the first time and was the place to perform in Nashville for emerging artists/bands that could attract a decent--yet not quite big performance hall-- audience.

The funny thing about the Scissor Sisters (although Americans werent as receptive) is they were selling out huge arenas/stadiums in Europe.

Also, the Artrageous afterparty has been there the past two years. Artrageous is another HIV/AIDS charity event.

The owners say they will likely relocate, but I'm sad about this space being lost to a retailer like this.

I loved the space as an event/concert hall. I'm glad to see retail coming closer to downtown Nashville, but sad they couldnt have selected a different location.



Joshua Middleton said...

Seems like Nashville is getting a lot of new retail lately. It is definitely hard to wear Urban Outfitters when you have one in your city. Besides denim, they don't have a lot of basic things that you can get away with wearing, without fear of someone else having it on. That's a diva no, no!

Casey said...

Nashville is stepping up on the nationally known retailers radar.

I do agree about the clothes though & running into other people with them.

I guess I can look on the positive side as someone else pointed out to me... they do have some interesting non-clothes items sometimes.