Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's getting a little weird on 37th Avenue!

I havent moved in almost 10 years... That's all changing on Friday as you all know. Our current place is starting to look so different already. We've already taken some stuff to Goodwill, are trashing some worthless stuff and boxing up other things.

It's so crazy to think about and yet... it's still hard to fully grasp what is going to happen on Friday when we get the keys to 4501 Colorado Ave. I'm so serious that I would give the house a proper name, but once you actually walk up to the front door, you'll know why it cant be called anything else but by the address. There is a beautiful stained glass transom with the street address over the front door. It's one of my favorite things about the house.

Anyway, I tried to find a video clip to share, but alas, I could not; but I've been totally reminded with all these boxes & emptiness on 37th of the episode of Laverne & Shirley when they moved from Milwaukee to Burbank. Anyone else remember that episode???

On an unrelated note to our move, we've had tons of interest in our other side of the duplex from the craigslist post. I'm so sick of it to be honest. I cant recall how many times I've had to show it, take phone calls, drive by's who stop when they find the address. SO OVER IT!!! We received a completed application last night from a super cute graduate student couple. Pending a few checks for past rental history, credit/criminal background searches, we're pretty confident we have a tenant!

The flipside is that we are going to have to repeat this rental experience all over again with our side once we are out. Wish us luck!!!

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Joshua Middleton said...

It looks like you'll have no trouble renting out the other side, with all the interest that has been generated about the other. I'm sure it'll be a surreal experience when you walk out of those doors for the last time. I'm so excited and can't wait to see some pictures. The address above the door sounds magnificent!