Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Manchester Chronicles are coming to a close

It's almost over... I'm quite happy too... I cant wait to get back to familiar surroundings... the last day here didnt go quite as planned... but the details of today are better left unwritten for the masses. We'll leave it at, "I've had better days." For the record, there was nothing unlawful.

Here are my overall Manchester impressions: The density of the buildings and the mix of old & new are very cool... the lack of a bustling city after business hours was disappointing though considering this is the "2nd city of England." The people were quite self-depricating about their city, but I think it was a facade.

It's a nice city worth a visit if you have some spare time... but as I've said before, it shouldnt be your main destination for the first time in the UK.

Cheers, Mates. I'm scheduled to arrive in Nashville at 5ish pm on Monday.

P.S... dont expect daily updates on life in Nashville when I return. I gave you all a treat this week... well... let's call a spade a spade... I was bored and lonely this week :)


Dusty Brown: said...

Did your crazy day include a confrontation???? HMMMMMMMM?!?!?!

Just Josh Funk said...

Gurl, you can't leave us hanging like that! You know Whitney has to know all the gossip!! They don't call her the Mouth of the South for nothing!

Have a safe trip home. I'm glad you had a chance to experience Manchester. Besides being lonely, it sounds like you had a great trip.

I've enjoyed your daily posts so much. We've missed your presence on U.S. soil, though!


Anonymous said...

What?! Bored and lonely? I just thought you were discovering how much you needed me, how much you need us all.


Rick Watson said...

Bored? Lonely? Ugh! Now I feel used, abused and unappreciated.


Just Josh Funk said...

Whoa, Mimi. Your bloggy friends didn't like that bored and lonely comment! You made need to do some backtracking. I smell a controversy cooking!

Casey said...

Ahh... alas, bloggy readers... the blog and your comments were one of the few things that made my free time not so lonely somtimes... just meant the lack of beng able to see anyone I know in person :)

Just Josh Funk said...

Many thanks to Mimi's publicist for releasing that statement. I knew it all along though. Wink! :)