Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Was this for real or really an SNL skit???

I watched the CBS evening news today purely for this interview. For the record, I prefer Charles Gibson on ABC.

If you havent seen the Katie Couric interview with Sarah Palin that aired on Wednesday already, please go to this link:

They'll be showing snippets of the rest of the interview over the next few days.


Just Josh Funk said...

Oh, goodness! These interviews lately have been looking a little too much like SNL skits. I can't help but feel a little sorry for her.

Rick Watson said...

Did you guys see where McCain stood up Letterman at the last minute to do a interview with Katie Couric? Letterman is angry!

Josh... how can you feel sorry for Palin? She deserves what she earns. If she looks stupid on camera that's probably because she IS!

sorry, i get angry when it comes to Palin....

Anonymous said...


Palin's an idiot, but I must say Katie treated Palin like she had let a really nasty, smelly one out. Katie behaved throughout the interview with mild nausea. She was visibly offended by the existence of Palin.

Sad thing is, I have to give her (Katie) credit for that.

Casey said...

There's a lot of curiousity about Sarah Palin, and I think there SHOULD BE.

Even most die-hard Republicans dont know much about her.

She's been sheltered in my opinion. I think it is important to see candidates respond to unscripted questions.

If you think Katie Couric is asking hard questions or treating you unkindly, you arent ready to face confrontations from leaders of "rogue nations."

I understand other opinions about Dem candidates, but I just do not want to give a free pass to either party.

Possible leaders of our country need to be able to handle questions.