Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why did it have to end?

Ahh, NYC. It's still my favorite American city. Even after finally experiencing it in a darn cold & snowy week, I LOVE IT!

We headed there a couple of weeks ago for my boo's milestone bday. (yes, I am street). We got there on a Tuesday evening just in time before 'blizzard conditions' set it. Oh, umm, nevermind that two members of the Kings of Leon were on the plane with us. I'm not sure I've mentioned our obsession with them before. Umm, yes I have.

We had a freaking-fantastic view from our room right across from the Empire State Building. A planned late dinner at the somewhat well-known Spotted Pig was in order that night. We were lucky to get to a table overlooking the snow falling in Greenwich Village. nice!

Wednesday was really the 'blizzard.' I won't say how late we woke up, but when we did, it was really snowy. We got out to shop in our neighborhood (Herald Square). Well, uh, it took stepping into one or two slush puddles before I realized I wasn't prepared for wet socks & shoes. I was over it. I had to buy some boots. Walking around was miserable. BUT, there was a silver lining! Our NHL hockey game at Madison Square Garden was that night! The Predators won & we were thrilled!

We were ready to trek out on Thursday. We headed up to MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art. Crazy stuff we saw there, from Jackson Pollack, Monet, Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, DeKooning, we saw it. A bonus was a special exhibit of works by Tim Burton! Who knew he had so many artistic things to show off?! Fabulous.

We weren't finished with Thursday though. We regrouped at the hotel, went out to Koreatown for a fabulous dinner and then to the Christoper Street area. We went to the actual Stonewall instead of just driving by as we had done before. It was an emotional feeling for me. We hit up 2 other places in the same area which were a blast, but it's hard to forget Stonewall. It's amazing it even had to happen.

Friday was getting closer to the end, blerg. We chilled, had a great pizza at THE Lombardi's and then headed to Lower Manhattan to see what had changed with the WTC site and Wall Street. Actually, you couldn't really tell much had happened aside from more fencing, but the experience was still very emotional. I actually felt worse about it than I had after seeing it soon after 9/11.

Sadly, we were kind of exhausted that night and didn't do anything very exciting for my boo's actual bday dinner. I don't even remember the name of the blah restaurant we picked that night.

I'm going to shut up with this. I LOVE NYC! The first time I went, it was perfect May weather. This time, it totally sucked and was typical of what you think about for February. I don't even care though!

So, umm, we have some pictures, I haven't even looked at them though (3 weeks later). I'm sure we'll post them online at some point though. Seriously!

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Josh Middleton said...

Hey Girl. It sounds like you guys had a magical getaway - snowfall and all. I'm glad the weather didn't complicate your travel plans. Glad you had fun. Happy late birthday Hal-ard!