Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hello, I'm Johnny Cash...

We finally watched "Walk the Line" tonight. It's been on our dvr since October '06, oops.

I really enjoyed the movie. Semi-autobiographical films like that are always interesting. I came around pretty late as a Cash fan. My parents didnt really listen to country music (when I was younger at least), so I never really heard his music for the most part until I was in college. The acting & singing were good in my opinion (and Oscar voters apparently). I'm a bit biased, but I will disclose that I think "Coal Miners Daughter" was better than WTL.

"Coal Miners Daughter" just seemed to be a bit more detailed than WTL even though they were both equal in length. Funny side story on what drew me to Loretta (since I didnt grow up on her music either)... was the CMD movie. When I got a step-mother, she happened to have the video... I watched it at some point soon after...and then proceeded to wear it out.

Surprisingly, Hal got me the DVD for Christmas a few years ago. One of the best gifts EVER! :)

After seeing Loretta back in February, I casually mentioned the trip to my aunt. She said... I always think of you when I hear about Loretta... I had totally forgotten how much I had blabbered on and on about LL until she mentioned that.

Anyway, if you havent seen "Walk the Line," you should. I'm still bummed that their house burned earlier this year :( I saw it once while we were out on the lake and it was definitely unique.


Joshua Middleton said...

Glad you liked the movie, Gurl. We are just alike. I didn't become a Johnny fan till later in life and I fell in love with Loretta after I saw the movie! Great divas think alike! Did you ever watch Ray?


Casey said...

I havent seen Ray...but I'll add that to the list of things I need to watch.

Joshua Middleton said...

You should, it's a good one!

Back to WTL though, I didn't think Reece deserved an Oscar for that. She was cute and all, but June Carter wasn't that bubbly! And she didn't really imitate her voice at all. Joaquin Phoenix did a much better job - and didn't even win!

Casey said...

I totally agree with you about Reece.

Dusty said...

Walk the Line is awesome. however, my real point of commenting is on how you failed to mention your nickname for said step-mother, based on CMD, AND that you failed to mention that your parents were more of a Fleetwood Mac fan than of the country. LOL. Cause we KNOW the some Fleetwood Mac was pumping through the house when the adults hung out.

Casey said...

Ahh yes... but I've moved on from my some thoughts that were negative in the past... it's all about the present and the positive.

And yeah... my parents were more Fleetwood Mac and Steve Miller.