Monday, July 2, 2007

The hills are alive....

So here we are again... It's Monday again... time to tell you about last week... It was one of my most dreaded times to work... once every other month or so, I have to work 11am-8pm...It totally disrupts my swim schedule (the pool closes at 8 and if you know me at all... you know I'm not getting up early) ...the good news is that someone volunteered to work that shift on Friday... so I was able to go to a fun wine gathering.

I ended up being the DD for Hal and another couple... yeah, that's not something you hear of me doing often... it's not my favorite role, but it's not so bad sometimes. We got home relatively early and once Hal almost immediately went to "sleep," I was able to kick back and enjoy watching my stupid tv shows.

I get so caught up in House Hunters on HGTV... particularly the international versions. One episode featured Stockholm, Sweden... the prices werent as outrageous as I expected, but wow... the places were so small... (as I've noticed on several of the international versions). The other interesting thing is the bathrooms in these places... literally, the whole bathroom was the shower... it just has a drain in the middle of the floor... it was barely big enough to turn around in.

Not sure why I felt the need to blog about that, but it interests me. It's amazing how efficient you can be in such a small living space.

On Saturday, we hung out by the pool... and just as we were getting ready to come back home, I got a last minute chance to go to another Symphony event (hence the Sound of Music reference). It worked out well b/c I didnt have any other plans while Hal was going to play poker. Check out Nathan's blog for a good rundown of the evening and a couple of photos. I couldnt have said it any better. Prior to late May, I'd never been to a Symphony event, but I've been to 3 now in the last month. Each performance was totally different but all fun nonetheless.

To cap the weekend off, we went to brunch at Tin Angel yesterday... It's really good, close to our house and it's nice to patronize a locally owned restaurant.

Now I am looking forward to a mid week holiday break already... nothing wrong with that, eh?

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