Thursday, September 13, 2007

Early Morning Breeze

I got an exciting surprise in the mail yesterday. Whitney sent me a compilation CD of some awesome country music women's songs. I dont have a real "type" of music I listen to most often. The thing about music to me is the timeliness of it.

I grew up with my parents listening to various things including Simon & Garfunkel to regular 80's pop.

Around the early 90's, Country music was all the rage. I was mostly interested in female artists'... even though the first concert I ever attended was Garth Brooks (before he was huge--thanks, Joy!)... and the first arena concert I saw was George Strait... I spent a lot of solitary hours as a teenager 20 miles outside a small town listening to the radio. So many songs on the CD that Josh sent brought back memories...not necessarily b/c of the lyrics of the song, but b/c I remember what I was doing or thinking at that time.

In college, I was all about "Alternative" music... Jagged Little Pill was just coming out when I was a freshman... and a ton of other male band music... I still love all of those songs too and love to hear them on the radio even today.... it just brings back memories.

After college, more 'pop' type stuff started pervading my brain's music space.... I still listen to Top 40 sometimes.... but as time grew on, I revisted the classic country divas... while at the same time... getting crazy & embracing new artists who arent mainstream in the US (Scissor Sisters & Mika for example).

Anyway, I'm rambling... but the point is... isnt it funny how music takes you to a certain place in your life--whether it be b/c of the lyrics or just b/c you associate it with a certain time in your past?

Btw...the first song on my CD from Josh was Dolly Parton, "Early Morning Breeze"... I listened to it the first thing this morning... not knowing what songs were on the CD.... but how perfect was that to start out the day?


Joshua Middleton said...

Yay! I'm in a post! I just sent you that cd so I could get some good coverage on your blog. :)~

I love that Early Morning Breeze song. A friend of mine made me a cd in Chicago and it had that on it. I had never heard it before then. Have you?

How did you like the one with Patsy, Dolly, Loretty, and Tammy? "Lovesick Blues." I think it's so funny! Sang it Patsy!

Casey said...

I honestly had never heard Early Morning Breeze until yesterday.

I remember well when Honky Tonk Angels (Dolly, Loretta & Tammy)came out with that album... but crazy enough... I didnt really remember that one track with Patsy. Love it!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD.....What a trip down memory lane you just took me on. I remember that we went to see Garth Brooks. So during Friends in low places. We had a blast. Such good times and memories. I am so glad we are in touch so that I can remember those times It always puts a HUGE smile on my face :)....Thanks for the shout out in your blog I feel Special...Joy

Merry said...

Good post.