Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BsAs (Part Four)

Alright... SO SORRY about the delay in getting posts from BsAs on here, but there's a lot more to getting it all together than would appear.

Anyway... On Sunday... we slept kinda late of course... considering I was quite buzzed the previous night (as proven in the previous vlog post), it was necessary.

We got up pretty much just in time to run down to a small take-out lunch/bakery... I had a yummy quiche & Hal had a couple of empanadas... The desserts looked AWESOME and I'm still sad I didnt get a chance to sample them.

After scarfing that down quickly, it was time to be picked up by a tour company to go to a soccer game! I made a video for you all to see.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

I tried to upload that video on youtube, but the quality sucked... it didnt match the original. The Veoh upload still doesnt look as good as the original wmv, but we couldnt figure out the problem.

Anyway, the video's a bit compressed... Hal said a bunch of parts that I found cute were "boring" ... I disagree... but he is doing the editing work, so I didnt fight that battle.

After the soccer game, we came home to check the scores of the American football games... it just so happened that I won the contest Hal & I had going on (which I blogged about a while back). As a result, he owes me a dinner anywhere I want to go... it was nice to win that on the day we attended a real "Futbol" game in South America.

Post football, we walked down to a pizzeria right across from our apartment... it was nice to avoid a scary taxi ride.

Unfortunately, there are no more video blogs of this night... but we later went out to Alsina nightclub. It was a lot of fun... it was in a beautiful building that was once a fabulous mansion. There were hot Go-Go Boys & Girls dancing in cages & a large regular people dance floor... I actually had to participate...and that's not one of my usual activities.

We also ran into two familiar American faces there... we originally saw them in the airport in Miami before the flight down there... I'll talk about one of them again later. It's always nice to meet a fun American friend in a country where there arent many people who speak English as we do.

In conclusion, it was funny on the taxi ride home... it was 4am or so and the buses were PACKED with people (we were in a taxi)... but I just found it odd for them to be so busy at 4am on a Sunday night/Monday morning.

Enough for now... more to follow later!!!

Here are some pic's

Some of the pics are from the previous day... so sorry for the confusion...

***Additional thoughts...

Ok, some things that got squeezed out by my vlog editor... Yes, we got there 2 hours before the soccer game...sigh...and they didnt even sell beer there! Only soda...first non-alcohol sporting event for me in a long time... Also, you'll notice there are some sections at the game with no one sitting there...well.. the opposing team had an empty section on either side that only had police in there to keep the peace... the opposing fans were also encased in barbed-wire fencing... pretty crazy.

My "editor" tried to cut out things in the video so it wouldnt be so long... b/c he didnt think people wanted to watch a long video... in full disclosure.. I've now requested he err on the side of including more and let you fabulous viewers decide on how much time you want to spend watching my sometimes rambling vlogs. :)


Joshua Middleton said...

Mimi is gettin' catty in the chatty blog!!!! You tell that editor how it'd done!!! :)~ Just kiddin' Hal!

The pictures were fantastic, Gurl. You guys got some great shots of the futbol game. It looked very exciting and lively!!

I love the apartment shots, it really is a fabulous place.

I haven't watched the video yet, I want to wait until I get home to listen to it at full blast!! None of this low volume shit! So I'm sure I'll comment more later!!

Side Note - I love when you wear green, Gurl, it's a great color for you!


Richard said...

More video of the shirtless fans, please? ;-)

Casey said...

Ha! The shirtless fans were a bonus! Also a clarification point... the stadium really did hold 60K instead of 100K...

hal said...

OK, so I was misinformed about the seating capacity. Maybe it was referring to concerts when the whole field is opened up for General Admission, which would bring the 65K+ capacity (as per wikipedia) closer to the 100K point. Or maybe I'm just grabbing for defensive straws.

good smeagol said...

How dare you question the artistic integrity of your editor?

Besides, how can an editor do his job to the satisfaction of the producer, when he's not even around to sign off on the project.

Give the poor guy some credit.

Joshua Middleton said...

Whoa. Good Smeagol told it like it is!! You need to smack him, Gurl.

Gurl, when you were talking in the lobby all I could think about was how fun it would be to sing in there! Mimi should have broke out with some Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby! That was a just a concert waiting to happen.

I know you two sports fans had a fabulous time. It looked really exciting. Glad you had that experience! I'm not sure how you kept track of everything with the language barrier, though it seems like Hal has a pretty good grasp of it.

I have to say Hal did a pretty great job of editing, it was great to see him in the video. I LOVED the commentary at the end. I have never figured out how to get words to flash and to have sound from one video behind a picture - Whitney needs some hints - or a new editing program!!

Gurl, are you growing a little goatee??? Looks sexy!

Loved the video, you guys MUST keep doing these from time to time. I can't tell you how much I enjoy it.

Love ya, Honey!!!

Casey said...

Smeagol...blah blah blah... lol... I do appreciate Hal's editing though despite my criticism.

You'll have to ask Smeagol... err... Hal about the editing... I dont have a clue...although I think he is using a Windows tool...so no luck there for you.

No... not growing a goatee... just didnt shave for a couple of days... dont think I could grow a goatee if I really tried.

I promise to keep up the vlogs from time to time... getting Smeg..ummm... Hal to participate is the hard part.

Joshua Middleton said...

I didn't know Smeg was Hal!! whoops! Sorry Halard!