Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mr. Casey

What a fun Wednesday! I was thrilled to have one of my favorite friends, Dusty, and her two, very adorable, little girls come see the "new" house. I dont have a lot of visits from youngsters, so I forget how cute/funny it is for them to explore a new place. They instantly wanted to go into the loft. Apparently, stairs are fascinating. They are so observant of small details that I dont even think about.

I think it is so precious. The just-turned two y/o even plainly called me "Mr. Casey." I love it. I cant wait to see my nieces & nephews this weekend. I havent seen my immediate family since Christmas.

I'm off to East TN on Friday evening. I'll blog about that next week I suppose. I have so many people to visit!!!

I hope you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend.


dusty said...

Awwww! Thanks! It was wonderful to see you two, as well!

Just Josh Funk said...

You have always seemed so fond of children, Gurl. You guys should adopt a few!

I know what you mean about seeing tons of people when you go home. It's the same with me. At least you're closer and can make more regular visits.

Have fun!

Rick Watson said...

Little kids can be so funny! They are so curious! When I was little I always wanted to go upstairs at my grandma's house so bad, probably because she didn't want us up there! That made me want to go all that much more!

Mr Casey! how sweet!

dusty said...

The funny thing about the Mr. Casey term is that my neice called him that when we were 21 and 20, and we just cracked up back then.