Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finally a Sunday in Nashville

Well, y'all... I made it back to Nashville Saturday night. I was so glad to get home and hang out on the front porch and listen to the crickets and then a rainstorm. Perfect night.

I havent been home the past 3 Sundays, so it was nice to finally have a Nashville Sunday again.

No time for cooling my heels all day and relaxing though. Now that I'll be home for a while, the furniture/washer&dryer search has resumed with a vengeance.

We think we might have found the sofa we want, just gotta give it a day or two to make sure nothing else meets our fancy. The washer/dryer situation is going to be easier to make a decision on though since we have a limit to the size of the units. Not a lot to choose from.

We did have an interesting encounter at Ethan Allen today. When we walked in, the sales person was speaking with someone on their way out and she looked at us rather odd. We mentioned we were just browsing and walked on... she came up to us a couple of mintues later and said... "I'm sorry, I'm just not used to seeing two guys come in here furniture shopping." I think I might have scratched my head a little, but she then went on telling us the Ethan Allen 411. I dont want to sound too sensitive, but she just said that statement in an strange manner.

She wasnt finished with her stupidness though... She finally caught us on the way out and was giving us a catalog and her card... then decided to tell us that "I've been working with a bachelor recently... not that you are a bachelor... and it has just been so much fun. He comes in every week and wants to do another room."

I'll spare you the details of the rest of her banter, but it was just a strange string of comments coming from a seemingly classy lady. I guess gays dont shop at Ethan Allen... well, I know thats a lie, but she acted that way. Needless to say, I doubt I'll be buying anything at that store.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be blogging about some new things that are making the house feel more comfortable and normal this week. We did find a new mirror for the bathroom today... goodbye little cosmetic mirrors and using the fireplace in the living room... lol...

Hope you all had a great weekend & upcoming Holiday Week!!!


Just Josh Funk said...

Wow. I would definitely boycott Ethan Allen. What an idiotic thing to say. Unfortunately, Alan and I ran into similar situations when we were shopping around. We definitely got the bachelor comment - I guess people use that to justify the break from normality they aren't used to seeing. Aggravating!

Anyways. Good luck on the furniture hunt. I can't wait to see what you've decided on!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with furnishing. Your home is awesome. Sad about Ethan Allen. A lot of salespeople would have LOVED the opportunity to work with you both.

Dusty Brown: said...

I'd say it is a classic example of foot in mouth disease! Totally ignorant and surely she was mortified when she thought about it later. Sorry!

Dusty Brown: said...

Sorta Cool Springs the other day, this bitch in a big Mercedes was busting a gut to run me off the road. I mean, totally tailgating me and driving like I needed to move. Of course, I went as slow as possible AND cleaned my windshield about four times! LOL! Anyway, the point is, finally she peeled into the parking lot of Sprintz. As I turned down Mallory Station to go to the in-laws house, I could see that she hauled ass to the back (employee) parking lot and rushed inside. It was a Sunday at 12:55. Moral to the story...she might be boss hoggin' it in a big 'Benz, but she was still working retail furntiture sales on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Because, you know, it takes a special person to work at EA or Sprintz. ;)

Casey said...

I'm sure the furniture sales job is just her "mad money." hehe... hubby or the trust fund affords the rest of the expenses.

Now listen to me making generalizations about people...

I guess it goes to say that Road Ragers exist in Mercedes as well as Yugos... and a certain Honda Accord that sits in my driveway. :)

Just gotta know when you are the wrong one and fess up... or be bootie-head when you know you arent doing anything wrong... i.e, spray your windshield as you mentioned. I love that...

Rick Watson said...

I'm surprised that an associate at Ethan Allen would be so insensitive. Sounds like Ethan Allen Inc needs to incorporate some cultural diversity training for its employees!

You should write the Ethan Allen Inc and vent your feelings. I'm sure they would stand up and take notice. Maybe they give you some freebie stuff for your new home!