Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not much to report, Mates!

Hey, y'all... I dont really have much to chat about tonight, but thought I'd check in anyway.

I'm so glad there is only one day left in the work week!!!! It's been a fun group of trainees, but sometimes, you're ready to let your hair down. I've been ready to let my hair down since Monday, but that goes without saying.

Believe it or not, it hasnt rained while I've been here and it's been quite nice. The past two days have been more of what I was expecting weather-wise. The sun does come out more than I imagined, but it's kinda chilly. The high temps have been around 60 and will be for the rest of my stay. Nothing a little jacket cant help with though.

I've been really exhausted today, so I cant wait to be able to sleep a little late on Saturday morning. I know some people would say, "you're in a different city/country, get out & about!" but I'll do that... after a good rest.

I took a little stroll this evening down to the shopping area I talked about the other day (Picadilly Square area)... there are a lot of clothes I'd love to have...and some I got, but when you think about having to double the list price (dollar conversion), it makes a difference.

I found a few restaurants open past 8pm finally... Tonight, I ate here. I had a pan seared fish dish with mash & peas. I actually sat outside like several other people did and it was interesting watching the pedestrian traffic from the sidewalk cafe. I had to sample dessert as well and it was magnifique!!! (the restaurant was French--again--throw me a bone) I had a crepe with bananas, ice creme & chocolate... yum yum yum. It was huge, but I managed to eat it all. :) I've done enough walking to work off the calories.

I've actually been walking everywhere. I took a taxi to work on the first day b/c I didnt know where I was going, but have been walking since. I'm actually exhausted today and was feeling some shin splint action tonight. I suppose that's good for a change.

I'm still loving the view from the hotel. It's not even completely dark yet even though it is 10pm. Crazy.

That's about all I have to post on me blog for now (I'm getting a kick out of the lack of the word "my" here). "Casey, me computer's not doing that!"

Hope you are all doing swell.



Just Josh Funk said...

Mmm. That dinner sounds delicious. I kind of like this time change, because your blogs come so much earlier in the day for us. Good luck on your last few days of training. I'm looking forward to a good sleep-in this weekend as well! Us divas are working it too hard! I can't wait to see what you might get into over the weekend. I'm especially excited for some snapshots!

MMMmwah from America!


Anonymous said...

Forget decorating the room with apples and banannas, you sound like you are really having a great time.

I love the links to the different restraurants and was a bit amazed by the bubbles in the champagne glass and the candle flickering on the webpage for this last one.