Sunday, September 28, 2008

Set your DVR alert!!!

Sunday night, one of my favorite shows begins the new season... Amazing Race!!!

I know some of you arent reality show fans, but this show isnt X number of people trapped inside a home just looking for drama.

If you dont already know the premise, there are 11 teams of two going all around the globe with each destination having some challenges the teams have to complete. If they are the last to complete the challenge, they are usually out of the game.

It's fun to me b/c I enjoy traveling & seeing different countries/cultures. They go places on this show that I can say with certainty most of us will never go--and some places we've been to or will definitely see.

There is a bit of drama between teams sometimes, but after all, it is a competition for $1 million.

If you miss it on Sunday night and still want to check it out, you can always
watch it on one of George Bush's internets.

Go (insert your favorite NFL team here) Titans!!! I hope my next post says we are 4-0 for this season.


Just Josh Funk said...

Go Whitneys! Is that an NFL team? I think it is - you know, the one with all divas.

I have never watched the Amazing Race, but have always been curious. Your description just may entice me to set up a recording schedule!

I have so many shows I'm excited about this season, namely Desperate Housewives. It starts tonight! Do you ever watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? It's a really funny show. I think you would really dig the silly humor.

Anyways. Have a good one. We never talked about the season finale of BB. I'm so glad Dan won. I'm also glad Keysha (sp?) won the jury money. I liked them both. It's the first time BB has sort of went the way I wanted it to.

Have a good day.


scareykatt said...

I used to watch the Amazing Race all the time till they moved to Sunday.

I have too many shows on that night.

It is too bad i can't watch it on CBS web site.

I have the first season on DVD.